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By Phil Back | 09 Dec 2018 in webmaster

Site Functionality - A list of updates to the site that is happening behind the scenes.

Last updated: September 04, 2019


  1. Add ability to view TK toys by scale via tabs - 6/30/19
  2. Created page for Siuyin
  3. Added logic and display for toys with multiple releases (example: Mighty Square Cambell Soup)
  4. Added toy search icon to top nav - 5/18/19
  5. Tons of SEO improvements with alt tags, titles, etc.
  6. Optimized thumbnail images
  7. Page to view all all blog posts
  8. Page to view all posts in a particular category
  9. Page to view all posts under a particular tag
  10. Page that lists a single category and all posts within that category
  11. Page for all 1:6 toys
  12. Page for all 1:12 toys
  13. Page for all 1:1 toys
  14. Page for all 3AGO toys
  15. Page for all non-scale toys
  16. Post for Biography: Ashley Wood
  17. Page for all site contributors with links to pages he/she authored
  18. Updated About this Site post
  19. Individual Contributor page now shows posts they authored and links to each one
  20. 3 related posts (same category) appear at the bottom of posts now
  21. Created 3A Legion page and finished up the "About" section of dropdowns
  22. AK parallax landing page created
  23. AK story page created
  24. Megamenu updates with AK links
  25. Added more con
  26. Added 'no image' pics. Added images to "About" menu items, except for 3A Legion History
  27. Variants include file updated... still has IMG issues though
  28. Added contact form via google
  29. Added case statement for smart image display - when "no image available"
  30. Fixed post layout: related posts image display
  31. Custom 404 created
  32. Pubs - view all in progress... need to re-evaluate strategy for this. Does it add value?
  33. Contributors page now shows all toy links if that person is listed as a contributor
  34. WWR Characters page created.
  35. WWR story/char/toys/pubs pages - adjusted the banner graphic
  36. WWR pubs page updated
  37. Cleaned up photo space on contributor pages
  38. Toy Detail - breadcrumb case cleaned-up
  39. Created 3A intro and walk-through page - a tour!
  40. Fixed Non-Scale variants display - view photo overlay was broken
  41. Fixed those svg forward and backward angle graphics for images
  42. home page images - done
  43. Color coded the ribbon overlay graphics
  44. New workflow for uploading
  45. Working on fixing 'wiggle' on mobile
  46. Implemented traffic reporting (initial set-up)
  47. Factions reworked!
  48. Get 'related posts' seems to work
  49. You Might Also like section on toy detail page is working
  50. Cleaned up the contributor section of toy detail page
  51. Create links for characters who are not yet 'unhatched' as toys
  52. WWR Character factions work!
  53. Create world page: TK
  54. Create world page: Evenfall... started.


  1. Center align the related posts at the bottom of a post page
  2. Create functionality for filtering toys by tags or category - Like show me all AK or WWR. Show me all WWR Medic, etc
  3. Fix non-scale Related toy links and display
  4. Create world page: IP
  5. Debug - svg injection and icon usage, i.e. mega menu icons at bottom?
  6. How to highlight current top nav item: active state
  7. Add sort functionality on long view all toy pages
  8. Need to figure out featured blog post functionality - add front matter etc
  9. Pubs: 3A VOX archives... add more
  10. Build 'scroll TOC' into the story pages with sidebar TOC
  11. Bio for TP, Gregory, ennui (cody fultz)... more?
  12. Fangroup focus...
  13. Gear and wearables? t-shirts...
  14. Include tab for reviews (i.e. rehel front matter) - 5/18/19
  15. Need to improve search! Type in 'Bo' for example and see no 'Bo the Rabbit Tamer'... limited results set is not large enough
  16. Squares... all of them!


  1. Develop an art section of the site - prints, posters, etc [idea: Diego Mtnez Barrenechea, FB]

Things to research:

  1. Sheba's Hill Gang (S.H.G)
  2. Locations: Nothern Suburbs, New Andria, Luxor
  3. Destiny Gift Statue from Q-n-A #38
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