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By Phil Back | 22 May 2019

Siuyin (or devilysiu on Instagram) is a creative designer who works closely with Ashley Wood and 3A. Her personal artistic endeavors focus on hand-sculpted, one-off ball-joint dolls. The dolls are hand-sculpted out of clay, and feature glass eyes and other mixed media materials like oil paint, acrylic paint, and realistic hair. Her figures range in scale from doll-sized to life-sized.

According to her website, Siuyin was inspired early on at the age of 10, by creative doll maker, Amano Katan.

Katan Amano's dolls are at once elegantly beautiful and hauntingly disturbing. The Japanese sculptor has taken every measure to endow these child-like dolls with their own otherworldly personalities...- Book: "Katan Doll Fantasm" by Amano Katan, Amazon

When you compare Siuyin's work to Katan dolls, you can clearly see the source of her design inspiration and technique. Siuyin's ball-jointed dolls often feature "shibari" - which is the art of Japanese rope bondage. Her dolls are spooky, erotic female figures entwined in webs of intricate rope knots and patterns.

In Shibari, the model is the canvas, the rope is the paint and brush, and the rigger is the rope artist.- ArtofContemporaryShibari.com

Siuyin is a Hong Kong artist currently residing in Tokyo (2017). Siuyin is a designer, photographer, and a creative driving force behind ThreeA. Siuyin designs and creates beautiful original hand sculpted and hand painted ball jointed dolls. Her photographs capture voyeuristic and ethereal portraits of her sculptures. Her keen eye for fashion and sense of design are key elements with her frequent collaborations with artist Ashley Wood and ThreeA. - ThreeA USVenture

3A Toys by Siuyin

Books by Siuyin

  • Syoupée de chambre by Siuyin
  • Siuyin - With Smiles on Our Lips (3A Publishing)
  • Syoupee Book One (3A Publishing)

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