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HALO Spartan Gabriel Thorne

  • 10/17/2014

According to Halopedia.org, “The figure of Gabriel Thorne includes over 35 points of articulation, an LED-illuminated helmet and combat armor, and magnetically attached weaponry. The weapons included are the M6H magnum [magnetically attaches to upper leg armor], MA5D assault rifle, and M11 combat knife.”

“Gabriel Thorne (service number 83920-91083-GT) is a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier and a member of the UNSC Infinity’s Spartan contingent.”

Retail edition. Features illuminated helmet and combat armor featuring 24 LED lights. Blue armor. Two CR2032H batteries are required for the back, and six AG4/LR626 batteries are required for the arms.

Release Price $220
Size 13.5 inches
What's In the Box M6H magnum, MA5D assault rifle, and M11 combat knife
Edition Size
Package Type
Designer Bungie, 343 Studios (US-based video game developer)
Makers Ashley Wood
Points of Articulation 35

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