World War Robot


*All WWR faction design and colorway elements are © ThreeA Trading Co LTD 2018. © 7174 PTY LTD 2018

Junglers, based somewhere in Colombia, have a military green base mottled with patches of traditional camouflage. The greens are accented with yellow (shoulders and hands). The primary insignia are th white block letter, "WF" inside a circle. What does the "WF" stand for? That's not been revealed yet.

According to our friends at the World War Robot Museum:

"What we do know for sure via Ash is that this colorway is inspired by or represents Ashley’s dad’s time in the military making this colorway and its featured personal decals. The decals include WF, a snake/flower image, M61, DBG’s and what appears to be a V inside a solid circle."

"In the context of WWR this colorway was revealed to be working directly for Rothchild under deep cover inside Terran ranks. This elaborate deception was exposed when Rothchild was driven from his moon-base by a fated N.O.M. attack; badly injured he fled directly to the safety of the WF forces located in Colombia. The WF soldiers that retrieved him referred to Rothchild with code-name “Father” (much like the bots do) revealing how tightly aligned they are with him. After that it was impossible to remain in deep cover within Terran ranks and with Father at home a change or priorities was inevitable. They became the now known Rothchild jungle digi-camo colorway."

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