Square EMGY (1:1)

  • 2/6/2015

Square 1:1 are life-sized, hand-painted statues cast in resin. There were 6 colorway variants (more?) released, each limited to only 3.

Hard Thirty Corp - Red, weathered with white markings. White circle around its right eye with white tooth. “Thirty steps beyond hard” listed under the “Thirty Corp” title. Pascha-like illustration on the top.

Heel Div 72 - Pale green finish, weathered. White markings with black outlines. Severed foot in high heel illustrated on the side. #72 on the front with other white accents.

JDF (Japan Defence League) - Heavily weathered white with large red circle on the sides with other kanji and text in black. Red eyes.

emgy - White, weathered with a large red cross on top , sides and back. “Newel 0043 9” are on the back above the “high voltage” emblem.

Meow CD - Black, weathered with white imprint of cat-like face. “Meow” on the side with a profile of a woman’s face on top. “CD” on the back in white.

Squaro - Heavily weathered white with red and blue. “Squaro” branding on the side for “Squaro soap squares with rust resistors - Shines aluminum fast”

Hopefully we can track down photos of these guys with their lucky collectors.

From Gregory Prout on the ThreeA Legion FB board - "From memory there are two in Germany, one in Latvia, one in the Netherlands, a couple in Spain, and yours. At least two in Singapore, and one in Japan. Three in NY, one in California, one in Washington, one in the DC area, and I want to say one in the south. The rest are in Hong Kong/Thailand/China." (2019) ... Then also from the fan comments - "One in New Jersey" (Aaron Romyns) and "One in Mexico" (Jorge Zamora.)

Release Price $$$$
Size unknown
What's In the Box unknown
Edition Size 18
Package Type unknown
Designer Ashley Wood
Makers unknown
Points of Articulation none

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