Identity V Geisha Michiko

  • 11/12/20

Identity V Geisha is one of the first projects announced under the UV+ brand - where Underverse collaborates with other partners, artists, friends and more, to make toys.

Underverse Explorer Newsletter #3, May 2020

“The Geisha met Miles, a foreign army officer at a banquet and they fell in love soon after. They got married and returned to Mile’s homeland together. His father was particularly vocal in his opposition to their marriage. He was cynical of her and hoped to drive her out of the family home. Not long after, Michiko mysteriously disappeared after Miles left on a business trip. Mile’s father claims that she ran off with another man and urged his son to found another wife.Miles however started to search for his wife, Michiko, but no one knows where she went.”

Actress Natalie joined the circus, and Joker realized it’s time for him to change his “professional track”. Obviously, after getting his eternal smile, Joker can go nuts in new comedy shows.”

- Official website, Characters, www.IDV.163.com

© NetEase, © Joker Studio

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1st release using the UV female 1/6th scale body. Second wave of orders closed 6/30/2021.

Release Price $289
Size 11.5"
What's In the Box 1x Hannya Masked Head, 4x Pairs of Geisha Hands (Left + Right) – 2x Weapon Grip, 2x Relaxed, 2x Splayed, 2x Open, 1x Kimono Set, 1x Brocade Bow, 1x Capelet, 1x High Silk Stockings, 1x Pair of High Heels, 1x Bayonet Fan, 1x Bana Ornament, 1x Figure Stand with Base
Edition Size
Package Type
Designer Identity V, Joker Studio and Ashley Wood
Makers Production: Young Liang
Oversight: Identity V
Points of Articulation 28

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