Identity V Joker Smiley Face

  • 11/12/20

Identity V Smiley Face is one of the first projects announced under the UV+ brand - where Underverse collaborates with other partners, artists, friends and more, to make toys. Underverse Explorer Newsletter #3, May 2020

“Joker was once the star of the circus. His naturally sullen face made him the best crying clown. However, the advantage changed when the handsome smile clown Segi and the glamorous acrobat and actress Natalie joined the circus, and Joker realized it’s time for him to change his “professional track”. Obviously, after getting his eternal smile, Joker can go nuts in new comedy shows.”

- Official website, Characters, www.IDV.163.com

© NetEase, © Joker Studio

· Assortment of interchangeable hands, weapons, and accessories · LED illuminated Rocket Drill with attachable Mini Rockets · All new Male Underverse Body designed by Ashley Wood · Articulated Mechanical Claw Hand · Mechanical Leg

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Second wave of orders closed 6/30/2021.

Release Price $299
Size Approx 33cm tall with hat, 31.7cm without
What's In the Box 1x 12” Articulated UV Body with Mechanical Leg, 1x Newly designed Joker Head with Top Hat, 1x Interchangeable Joker Hair, 3x Pair of Joker Hands (Left + Right) – 2x Fist, 2x Rocket Drill Grip, 2x Weapon Grip, 1x Articulated Mechanical Claw Hand, 1x Polka Dot Kerchief, 1x Faux Leather Jacket Vest, 1x Red Sweater, 1x White Undershirt, 1x Bumbag (With transfer tube), 2x Weathered Fabric Bandage (Arm + Leg Wraps), 1x Faux Leather Belt, 1x Weathered Jeans, 1x Custom Graffiti Sneaker, 1x LED Illuminated Rocket Drill (Requires 2x AG3 Batteries. Batteries not included*), 1x Tambourine, 1x Boom Barrel (3x Mini Size Rockets included, can be equipped on the Rocket Drill), 1x N2O Compression Tank with Shoulder Strap, 1x Figure Stand with Base
Edition Size
Package Type
Designer Identity V, Joker Studio and Ashley Wood
Makers Production: Young Liang
Oversight: Identity V
Points of Articulation 32

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