Dark Tales

  • 2005

An excerpt:

It was a great game, it was a great test. The two hockey teams clashed, the spectators were blessed.

There were cuts, and scrapes and a few broken skulls. Each team had concussions and there were only 3 goals.

And then came the slapshot from Big Marty the Truck, that hit Tommy, in net, and he swallowed the puck.

Tyler Whisnand (Writer)

DARK TALES - Instead of a traditional fashion campaign, we took the same inspiration as the designers of the clothes and wrote a book of dark tales, placing the clothing in the accompanying illustrations. The resulting catalogue was a quirky catalogue from which selected stories were made into print ads.


Winter sportswear and outerwear in a high end fashion catalogue, digital paintings by Ash accompanied by rhyming fairy tales of the kids of Helton Hollow drinking and f*cking in the woods. and murdering and hiding bodies and getting eaten by bears. They were given away in shopping bags with 55DSL purchases. - David Dingman

Diesel owned street brand 55DSL’s 2005 Autumn/Winter collection had been inspired by a trip to the Scandinavian north with it’s quirky folk tales and dark winters, only occasionally illuminated by the mysterious aurora borealis. - NP LÖVGREN

Release Price Available at select Diesel 55DSL retail stores
Size --
Edition Size unknown
Release Date 2005
Format Retail catalog and print ads; was also available as a deluxe boxed edition, signed.
Authors Ashley Wood (Artist), Dave Bell (Creative Director), Nils-Peter LÖVGREN (Art Director), Tyler Whisnand (Writer), Chris Barrett (Strategy)
Publisher Diesel 55DSL (Brand), KesselsKramer, Amsterdam (Creative Agency)

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