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By Link to Phil Back Phil Back | 02 Jan 2019

If you would like to submit content to the site for consideration, please read on. I am looking for photos of toys, back stories, toy reviews, relevant YouTube links to toy reviews and unboxing and more. Everything will be reviewed before it's posted. I'm trying to keep things as 'safe for work' as possible, though I know some material is NSFW. By submitting content to the site you agree to allow it to be used on the site. If your content is used, you will be listed on the contributor section of this site. Sorry this is a free gig for all of us and we are not generating any income from this website project (i.e. no one is getting paid).

Toy Photos

For the main photo of each toy, I would like to use cool, fan-made photos with proper credit given to the contributors. 3A produces great promotional images which I'd like to use here as well. We have the ability to include several photos for each toy. For now, I'm avoiding toy shelf pics or photos of display cases. I'd like to add a section for this in the future though!

The best way to send images (high res preferred) is to post them up on a Google drive, dropbox, amazon or some other file sharing platform, then send me a link via the Contact form.

Articles, Stories or Updates

I welcome any content that strives to help collectors or fans better understand the characters, toys, history, events or anything else related to 3A. Articles accompanied with relevant photos are preferred. Images must but be original content you create, or be used with explicit permission from the creator. I like to include a signature or small watermark on images listing the creator or source.

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