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  • 4/16/2014

This book is full of Tomorrow King (TK) artwork and even features some rare production images of toys in the Hatchery - the mysterious and magical factory where Three A toys are made.

Check the great reviews and video flip-through by DrBlack YANG.

Made for war against robots. Genetically bred autistic warriors who cannot dress themselves, but can shear off a robot’s head with nary a thought. Alone, even though their brothers number in the millions, yes we are doing fine, like the last time, like the last time.

They face death from steel, but do not know how to say hello. Today’s Princes, Tomorrow’s Kings.

The Tomorrow Kings are an innumerable amount of male clones in the Popbot Universe. Originally created by Luthor Bean Jr for corporate takeovers or so it was thought. These Elvis Ronin are the frontline against the growing Mortis threat. Designers of high end fashion and urban streetwear saw the perfect chance to commercialize their gear by clothing the agile and fearless warriors in their latest and greatest.

In 2013, Ashley Wood introduced the TKLUB, a 3AA exclusive line dedicated to the Tomorrow Kings. Each release exploring the unending variety in designs while expanding on the original aesthetic fans are drawn to. Members are able to order any TK, but in order to participate in the incentive offers you must have purchased one of each TK from a specific wave of TKLUB releases. Incentives are free (shipping not included) and will range from exclusive Head Sculpts, 1:1 shirts, Tomorrow Queens, Art Books, and more.

The Art of TK MOOK, a reward for supporting the first three releases of TKLUB; Oroshi, Nage, and the EDO. The deluxe 12” x 12” softcover mag is a grail for TK aficionados and art fans alike. Originally meant to be 48 pages, this project exploded into over 150 pages. Containing not just images of beautiful paintings, the MOOK dives into unseen territory with concept art and early production images, giving Klub members an exclusive look behind the scenes at 3A. A veritable smorgasbord of everything TK. Page after eye melting page of stunning Ashley Wood artwork and designs. Surely to be the envy of TK collectors everywhere.

Gregory Prout - April 6, 2014 - Stag Hymn - Tumblr



Release Price FREE + $30 s/h
Size 12" x 12"
Edition Size
Release Date 4/16/2014
Format Paperback
Authors Ashley Wood, TP Louise

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