• 4/27/2012

Limited to 10! Exclusive life sized Kitty was exclusively available at RVHK (ReVenture Hong Kong event)

Hand Sculpted - Hand Painted - 10 Different Variants

  • Black kitty with white collar, blue-n-white pinstripe tie, pink nose and tongue, grey inner lips, eyes and inner ears
  • White kitty with white collar with black criss-cross lines, black tie and green nose, inner ears and green inner lips
  • White kitty with blue collar, black tie and tan inner ears, nose and tongue, and green inner lips
  • Light grey kitty with white collar, black tie, pink nose and tongue, wide white jaggy stripe down center of head
  • White kitty with blue-n-white pinstripe collar, black tie and green, nose, inner ears and inner lips
  • White kitty with black collar, black tie with white polkadots, black left side of face including ear, and large black spot on his back, right foot is black, pink nose and grey inner ears and inner lips
  • White kitty with brown face, brown front paws, white collar and tan tie with large brown polkadots, green eyes, pink tongue
  • Orange kitty with blue and white pinstripe collar, black tie, light orange inner ears, nose, tongue and a light orange tear drop under right eye
  • Orange kitty with dark grey collar, black tie, dark orange inner ears, dark orange spot over left eye, dark orange tiger-style stripes on back
  • Green camouflage (green, brown and yellow) style kitty with white collar and black tie, black inner ears
  • </ol>

    RVHK (2012) Exclusive. Life-sized, hand painted, hand sculpted. Apparently there were bootleg versions of Kitty, not manufactured by 3A that featured him laying down - (Gregory Prout, ThreeA Legion FB group)

    Release Price $1000
    What's In the Box
    Edition Size 10
    Package Type
    Designer Ashley Wood
    Points of Articulation

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