SHITTY 9 Member Two and Three RPU Dropcloth 23 and 87

  • 5/25/2015

Rim Patrol Unit Dropcloth

“Before RPU 23 and 87 joined the SHITTY 9, they were members of the RPU (Rim Patrol Unit). They were the first robots known to go AWOL, leaving their unit during a clean up job on a Martian incursion off the coast of New Zealand. They were later found on the coast of Taiwan, but how they got there still unknown. How and why these robots were able to make their way to another country through their own will is of great interest to the Earth Coalition - some believe their programming has evolved, or at the very least new levels of self-awareness surfaced as a part of some hidden programming in their systems. The war evolves…” - Goodsmile.com

JPY 2000 S/H - Series serialized in Month Hobby JAPAN, 'WWR THE SHITTY 9'.

Release Price JPY 9,600
Size 6 inches
What's In the Box
Edition Size
Package Type
Designer Ashley Wood
Points of Articulation

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