WWR Bomb v2 Square 2019 Assortment 3pack

  • 2019

From ThreeA: “Upgraded for the Big Booms! The BV2 takes the digital neuroses of the original Bomb Squares to nuclear levels. You’ll never find a brattier bot on the front lines that packs this kind of destructive punch.”

Pre-order for Q3 2019 Estimated Shipping

Set Includes:

1x JDF BV2 Square (white with red stripes on bomb, “Japan Defence League”)

1x RANGA BV2 Square (orange and blue with black stripes on bomb)

1x ROTHCHILD PROTOTYPE BV2 Square (light blue, black “r” circle with white field and black outine)

ABS plastic; Set Includes - JDF BV2 Square (white and red), 1x RANGA BV2 Square (orange, white and green), 1x ROTHCHILD PROTOTYPE BV2 Square (blue, black and white); Pre-order for Q3 2019 Estimated Shipping

Release Price $140
Size 4.5 inches tall
What's In the Box
Edition Size
Package Type
Designer Ashley Wood
Points of Articulation 5

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